Vicki Lee

I’m a retired school teacher from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I graduated from Altheimer High School with a class of thirty students. Everybody knew everybody and everyone seemed to get some recognition in our little farming community, hence, my “Big Fish” attitude.

After hearing me sing my songs in the dorm at the University of Arkansas, a dorm mate asked her aunt in Memphis to introduce me to Sam Phillips of Sun Records. I took my guitar and reel-to-reel tapes of me harmonizing and sang for Mr. Phillips in his outer office. He listened intently to all my songs and said that I reminded him of Bobbie Gentry. Then, he patted me on the shoulder and said, “Good luck, dear.”

During college, I signed a recording contract with Burdett Music, Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I recorded several original songs and demos were sent to major producers and record studios. Disappointingly, none of my songs received any interest.

Over the next thirty-five years, I threw myself into my marriage, child rearing, and my career as an educator. Now, that I am done with marriage, child rearing, and teaching, I am on fire writing songs. I have found a talented and reliable group of musicians who help me with backing tracks at Homestead Recording Studios near Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

My membership in NSAI and in the Central Arkansas Chapter of NSAI has been the catalyst I needed to rekindle my love for songwriting. The members have been quite supportive and help in fine tuning my songs at our monthly workshops. The themes of my songs come from my upbringing as a farmer’s daughter and my experiences with people I knew in the country. I like to use humor and sarcasm as I tell my stories. I have changed the names and locations to protect the guilty.

My main gig is the NSAI monthly showcase at Khalil’s in Little Rock.