Member Page Guidelines

We are excited to bring this feature to our members. Member pages are available only to current, paid-up, Central Arkansas Chapter NSAI members.  Member Pages are cost-effective and provide a single-page, on-line presence.

Think of your page as a "mini" Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and a tool to direct traffic to other on-line media used to promote your music. It is a complement to your marketing efforts.

Pricing: Pricing for a member page is $25.00 per year and paid annually. Please include your NSAI member number when making payment TO:  Charlie Crow and SENT TO:  15105 Chambery Drive, Little Rock, AR 72211.

Layout: The layout of member pages is reasonably uniform and will include a combination of features available with other music-related and social media platforms that artists and songwriters use to promote their brand of music. You are encouraged to view existing Member Pages to get a feel for how yours might look. Please follow the Steps listed below before submitting materials for your page.

1. Choose A Personal Photo: Please submit only the .jpg image you would like displayed next to your bio. The file should be a minimum of 250 x 250 pixels, but no larger than 300kb. This image will be on your page for up to 1 year, so make sure it is the one you want to use. Dimensions will be adjusted for best display. NOTE: This image can link to a personal website or other destination. Please provide the link when submitting your photo.

2. Create Your Bio: Your bio is an important tool for people who want to find out who you are, where you’re from, what you're about, and what your goals are as a songwriter, musician, artist, etc. It will also be used to link to other media like your personal website, Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, MySpace, etc. Be sure to include these links when you submit your Bio.

Here are a few suggestions and guidelines to follow when developing your Bio:
  • PLEASE keep your bio to 400 words or less focusing on vital information. You never know who will be reading your bio. It could be a fan, music industry professional or your attorney!
  • Draw out a timeline in your personal notes and list musical accomplishments. They don’t ALL need to be included in your bio, but your timeline can be a good reference to make sure you have included some of your more important musical highlights.
  • Include a punchy description of your musical style, but keep away from using general adjectives or big fancy words. A common mistake is to say your music is "completely original" or "unclassifiable". Whoever is reading your bio needs to know how to describe you, your style or who to compare you with. All artists and writers can be described by feel (rootsy, aggressive, funky), instrumentation (power trio, acoustic, horns) or influences (nu-metal, motown, progressive rock).
  • When recounting how you started, keep it short and simple. Stay away from describing every little detail. In most cases this information is irrelevant and will bore your reader.
  • Include musical accomplishments like recordings you have made, bands you might have played with, if you are signed to a label or management, if you have a song that has been used for TV or film, etc.
  • Include any relevant press quotes. Even coverage from local newspapers is great.
  • If you are new and don't have much experience, let the reader know what your plans are for the future. Are you planning to play-out locally, releasing an album? The idea is to show that you are serious and moving forward.
  • One interesting way to present your bio is a fact sheet – just a few quick points about you. This format lets readers quickly scan through to get the most important information.
  • Double check spelling and grammar. Ask a friend to proofread. Sometimes an outside opinion can help point out any flaws or weaknesses.
Often, magazines, booking agents and newspapers will take paragraphs directly from your bio when writing about you. Make it easy for them by keeping your writing style professional and to the point. Look at how magazines describe artists, songwriters and bands -- it's often catchy and concise. See if you can emulate that style in your bio.

3. The Music Player: Please submit only .mp3 files (128kbps is considered Good Quality). We will host up to 3 songs in your player.

4. The Video Player: The video player is a simple embedded link to videos you already host elsewhere. If you have a YouTube (or other) account, simply provide the link to the video(s) you would like on your member page. We will host up to 2 video players on your page.

Contact: All information for your Member Page should be submitted via email to:
You can also reach Jim by phone at 501-548-5616.