Writing Pitfalls

I’ve watched some of my students grow into exceptional writers, begin relationships with publishers, and end up with staff-writing deals—even number one singles. But most of the songs I heard were “good”—and “good” isn’t good enough to rise above the work being produced by the top hit makers.
The Top 5 Lyric Pitfalls by Jason Blume

On Networking...

I was recently reminded of the importance of following the customary rules of networking if one is to be taken seriously (and positively) by the music industry in Nashville. Here’s a great column that appeared in the Dotted Music Blog a while back that any serious songwriter needs to read and commit to memory. Pay particular attention to avoiding “gherming”—it’s a fast way to get avoided.  -Charlie
20 Tips On Networking In The Music Industry by Vinny Ribas

5 Career Mistakes...

One of the great mysteries in the music business is how to meet the decision makers who can help bring success to you and your songs. However, the second greatest mystery is why so many songwriters throw common sense out the window and behave in ways that can only hurt their cause and, ultimately, their reputation in the eyes of the industry.
Five Career-Endangering Mistakes for Songwriters (And How To Avoid Them) by Cliff Goldmacher