Charley Sandage

Coordinator: Charley Sandage

Bio: I am 66 years old, a former teacher, school and college administrator, and television documentary producer - and a lifelong songwriter with a number of self-produced recording projects and a very modest measure of commercial songwriting success.

My wife, Vicki, and I live near Mountain View, Arkansas because it genuinely is a “music town,” home of the Ozark Folk Center, scores of able acoustic musicians, and more recording studios than McDonalds’ within an hour of our home.

My first songwriting came with forming a high school rockabilly band (though we didn’t know the term then) in the fifties. The coffee-house, “folkie” era came next, and I performed my share of dense, self-absorbed original songs.

Over the years, an acoustic-rich, tradition-rooted approach has emerged as my principal writing style, but I try to work in all the country-related genres and venture into pop styles from time to time. I’ve also had occasion to write songs for use in TV documentaries, live amateur theatre, and one animated short feature.

Phone: 870-591-6654